How We Help

Early Learning Matters

There are only 2,000 days between birth and the beginning of Kindergarten. Brain architecture is built during this time. Smart Start brings together all the people involved in a young child’s life—families, teachers, doctors, caregivers, social workers, and many others—to ensure every child has all they need for healthy growth and development.

What is Smart Start?

Smart Start is a network of 75 non-profit local partnerships, serving all 100 North Carolina counties, led by The North Carolina Partnership for Children, Inc (NCPC). While Smart Start of Brunswick County has the flexibility to fund programs that are specific to the local needs – NCPC provides strong fiscal and programmatic oversight. We are governed by a Board of Directors with local representatives from community, business, government, and services of the community.

Our Mission

We work to ensure that ALL children in Brunswick County, birth to age five, are happy, healthy, and ready for school.

Our Vision

We envision the community working together and creating opportunities so that all young children in
Brunswick County to grow into successful and contributing individuals.

To learn more about Smart Start’s statewide network, visit: Smart Start & The North Carolina Partnership for Children - NCPC