Want to ensure that Brunswick County is a healthy and happy community?

Our community has a role to play in providing every parent with the extra support that is needed to raise happy and healthy children.  When families have what they need to thrive, our economy works. When we support young children in their earliest years, we prepare them to grow, learn and succeed—and our communities, workforce and economy become stronger and more productive. Our Community Partners and Supporters are instrumental in making this happen.

Our Supporters  

The following individuals and/or organizations have donated or provided grants that help support our services in Brunswick County.

  • International Paper
  • Rotary Club of Shallotte
  • Rotary Club of Southport
  • ATMC
  • Villa Properties
  • Brunswick Electric

Community Partners 

We’re honored to work with organizations and government agencies that positively impact the communities we serve. Here’s a look at some of our partners:

  • Brunswick County Schools
  • Head Start
  • NC Division of Child Development
  • Child Care Services
  • Brunswick County Department of Social Services
  • Brunswick County Health Department
  • Diaper Bank of North Carolina
  • Brunswick Wellness Coalition
  • Resilient Brunswick

Little Free Library Book - Sharing Boxes

Through service clubs, private donations, and use of volunteers, Smart Start works to keep 13 boxes full of developmentally appropriate books for young children throughout Brunswick County.  One of Smart Start’s focus areas is Early Literacy – which is what children know about reading and writing before they read and write.  We know that when children have access to books and have opportunities to build home libraries, they develop an interest in books which leads to a love of learning!  Little Free Library book-sharing boxes are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and are freely accessible to all, removing barriers to book access. For a map of all the Little Free Library locations, visit See below for those maintained specifically by Smart Start of Brunswick County:

  • Waccamaw Park, 5855 Waccamaw School Rd., Ash
  • Longwood Head Start, 7360 Mount Zion Church Rd., Longwood
  • Leland Community Park, 1490 Village Rd., NE, Leland
  • Northwest District Park, 1937 Andrew Jackson Highway, NE, Leland
  • Navassa Park, 800 Park Avenue, Navassa
  • Ocean Isle Beach Park, 6483 Old Georgetown Rd., Ocean Isle
  • Shallotte Township Park, 5550 Main St., Shallotte
  • Smart Start of Brunswick County, 5140 Sellers St., Shallotte
  • Smithville District Park, 8392 River Rd., Southport
  • Dutchman Creek Park, 4750 Fish Factory Rd., Southport
  • Lockwood Folly Park, 430 Green Swamp Rd., Supply
  • Piney Grove Head Start, 71 North Piney Grove Rd., Bolivia
  • Town Creek Park, 6420 Ocean Highway East, Winnabow

Contact Johanna McLamb with any questions. [email protected] / 910-754-3166 ext. 1001

Community Events

Want to get involved? Check out our calendar to learn more about upcoming outreach and fundraising events.